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Trinidad family tents

In case you feel like camping, but don’t own a camper – then fear not! At SportsCenter Denmark you are able to rent rental tents for our campsite. A Trinidad family tent gives the feeling of having your own camper van, equipped with all the essential equipment as well.

These tents is designed for 4 persons, and an extra bed available just in case. The tent contains a primary bedroom with the possibility to set up an extern wall to separate the room. There is a comfy bed for two persons, and two single person beds.

There is a kitchen including all equipment for preparing a nice meal, as well as a refrigerator. Text to the campsite is at shared kitchen for use, with equipment to heat up the food. The top of the tent is isolated to keep a warm environment. Curtains is available too, as well as a table and chairs. The floor consist of tarpaulin and a carpet, and lamps to light up the tent.


Naturally you have access to both indoor and outdoor sport facilities as long as the eyes can reach, to get the most of your stay for both family and friends. All around the campsite is tennis courts, paddle courts, football fields and much more.

The facilities includes tennis, handball, badminton, paddle, mountainbike among others. Among indoor facilities you have access to our gym, trampolines, swimming pools as well – even spa, saunas, and steam bath.

Price: kr. 500 per night.
Bring your own sleeping bags or linen.

Sports Pass

Free entrance
A Sports Pass gives you and your family access to all our activities the entire day or the entire week. It’s entirely up to you to decide which activities to try and for how long.

If you are the holder of a BE HAPPY PASS from Legoland Billund Resort, we offer a Family Sports Pass for just kr 199.- for 2 adults and 2 children.

1 child – 0-141 dayKr. 59.-
1 adult1 dayKr. 99.-
1 child – 0-141 weekKr. 99.-
1 adult1 weekKr. 199.-
2 adults
+ 2 children
1 dayKr. 199.-

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By using the VisitVejen App, you will be able to gain an overview and info of the local activities, experiences, and exciting events taking place in the area. Here you also find overnight options and café’s while you’re on the run. The App can be downloaded in the AppStore or GooglePlay, without any costs. Read more at VisitVejen.
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